One Five One Oakville Restaurant - Delivery & Pickup

dining, takeout, and delivery are available.
We can't wait to see you here!


Our services as a restaurant are spelled out plainly with the level of quality and commitment we put into what we do. Speaking of services, we offer the top quality both in dishes and drinks alike. Our meals cut across cultures and we make sure we preserve the originality of whatever culture we are trying to provide for you.

These and many more are available at ONE FIVE ONE Social™. No dish is perfect without having a complimentary wine to it. Knock yourself out with our list of fine, exquisite wine you can choose from. From time to time, you can come for a casual dining or bring your loved ones along to experience the quality of our dishes. Don't forget that we also offer a chalkboard menu to bring up a new adventure for our customers, and the menu changes frequently. ONE FIVE ONE Social™ is the best place for you to try your hands on a new world of taste, flavors, and quality.